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11:26 PM EST - Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Web Development

My name is Jeff. I am the founder and head designer of "WebbyCities.net".
WebbyCities was established in 2005 as WebbyCities.com.
In 2006 WebbyCities.com became WebbyCities.net.
WebbyCities.com was then successfully established as a hosting company, owned and operated by Cynthia Pettit.

There have been a lot of other companies come and go over the years. They charged a lot of money for what I thought was not a very good job. The number one goal should be to please you, the customer!

I have been designing, developing, and maintaining web sites since 1997.
I now work as a web developer at WebbyCities.com.
My experience and coding skills include knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS.
I also code Perl, PHP, and MySQL.

If you need a web developer that will create or improve your web site, at a reasonable price, contact Cindy at WebbyCities.com.


Some of the sites where I have done major work.

WebbyCities Hosting

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society

All In Books

Unity of West Bend Inc

Music Promoter USA

Cash Plus Of Kentucky

WebbyCities.net Wii Site

WebbyCities.com Wii Site

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