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Monday, September 25, 2017

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MLB players union expresses protest support (Yahoo Sports)  

MLB players union expresses protest support

The MLB Players Association released a statement that is fully supportive of MLB players who choose to protest.


Steeler's jersey sales spike after anthem stand (Yahoo Sports)  

Steeler's jersey sales spike after anthem stand

Alejandro Villanueva, who served three tours in Afghanistan, defied his coach and stood on the field during the national anthem.


NFL shows unity, brotherhood on Sunday (Yahoo Sports)  

The "Good Morning Football" crew talks about the unity shown around the league on Sunday.


WWII vet, 97, takes a knee to support NFL players (Yahoo Sports)  

WWII vet, 97, takes a knee to support NFL players. (Photo via @brennanmgilmore)

"Those kids have every right to protest," says John Middlemas, a World War II veteran and farmer from Missouri.


Should college players be allowed to protest? (Yahoo Sports)  

College protests

Teams generally remain in the locker room during the national anthem at college games. Why not give players a chance to express their consciences?


Is NFL climate ripe for Kaepernick's return? (Yahoo Sports)  

Colin Kaepernick

With hundreds of players now taking part in social activism at games, Colin Kaepernick shouldn't seem like such a big distraction anymore.


Army veteran doesn't take part in Steelers' protest (Yahoo Sports)  

Steelers did not get 100 percent participation in sitting out anthem on Sunday

The Steelers were looking for 100 percent participation in their decision to sit out the anthem, but Alejandro Villanueva stood apart.


Bryce Harper ready to return to Nationals (Yahoo Sports)  

Bryce Harper ready to return to Nats, but first you gotta see his outfit

Bryce Harper, who has missed 40 games after leg injury, will reportedly be activated this week by the Nats.


Booms and Busts: Fantasy redemption week (Yahoo Sports)  

Cooks highlights fantasy redemption week

Brandin Cooks was one of several fantasy stars who got it going. Scott Pianowski runs you through a wild Week 3.


NFL star gets absurd penalty from refs for joke (Yahoo Sports)  

Von Miller has a right to be furious after silly penalty. (AP)

The Broncos star joking comment to Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor apparently annoyed the referees, who flagged the linebacker for unsportsmanlike conduct.


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