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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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The swift downfall of Travis Browne continues (Yahoo Sports)  

Derrick Lewis

After Ronda Rousey's boyfriend lost his third straight fight, his opponent attacked his personal life.


Reports: Jags send TE Thomas to Miami (Yahoo Sports)  

Julius Thomas (Getty Images)

Jacksonville is sending tight end Julius Thomas, a big free-agent signing in 2015, to the Dolphins.


Divac turned down a 'better deal' for Cousins (Yahoo Sports)  

Vlade Divac

Kings GM Vlade Divac hardly managed to calm the waters in response to the trade that took an entire league by surprise.


Why Barcelona seems to be struggling (Yahoo Sports)  

There does not seem to be a crisis. But beneath the surface the Bluagrana have been floundering.

There does not seem to be a crisis. But beneath the surface the Bluagrana have been floundering.


Westbrook, Durant deftly avoid contact (Yahoo Sports)  

Inside the awkward reunion of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

The pair briefly shared the floor and teamed up for one memorable play in the All-Star Game, but it's clear their issues won't be resolved soon.


Fowler spoke up for his family and got blasted (Yahoo Sports)  

Dexter Fowler signed a five-year contract with the Cardinals in December.

A headline incorrectly stated Dexter Fowler spoke out against President Trump. Cards fans told their new outfielder to shut up and play.


McIlroy plays golf with Trump over weekend (Yahoo Sports)  

Rory McIlroy teed it up with President Trump over the weekend

Rory McIlroy hadn't planned to play gold because of a rib injury, but rode a cart for 18 holes to get to play with No. 45.


Here's your Olympic medal, eight years later (Yahoo Sports)  

Chaunte Lowe left Beijing without realizing her dream of winning an Olympic medal. (Getty Images)

Positive doping tests are overturning medal results, but what happens to the athlete cheated out of Olympic fame?


Cousins' Kings tenure ends the way it existed (Yahoo Sports)  

Lee Boogie

With confusion and numerous questionable decisions from the organization, the All-Star center is left to pick up the pieces from his latest career curveball.


Cousins trade signals reboot for Kings (Yahoo Sports)  

Boogie reax

Rather than tether the team to DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento traded him to New Orleans and embarked on a rebuild.


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