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20 February 2018


The Paranormal Perspective  

New Website  

14 May 2013, 10:25 am Hey everyone,
Officially, The Paranormal Perspective has launched its new site, with team bios.
Contact form is set up for anyone that feels that they are in need of assistance.
We are ready to go.


There is help  

4 Apr 2013, 3:10 pm

There are times in people’s lives where the unexplainable occurs and they have no one they can talk to about it. You hear many of these tails on today current media programming. Left right and center there are a lot of people on these programs talking about how they witnessed paranormal activity and what they experienced during that time.

For so many stories that make it on TV there are at least 10-15 others who attempted to be on these same programs to share their story. That being said, even though statistically speaking there are many of them whose stories are not truthful. Be it exaggerated or totally made up, at least a few of them, for every time the networks determine who gets on the show, which are true.

The number of real hauntings that are happening everyday is immense and of those people who struggle with it, a great many feel that they have to deal with it alone. Now I am just speaking about North America. If the numbers are so staggering in terms of how many people in North America go through this, just imagine how many hauntings, real hauntings, happen around the world.

How many of you out there are going through something and feel like you have no one to share it with, no one to talk to, or nowhere to turn for help? Share here in this forum or you can join my face book page paranormal experiences. Even go elsewhere and actually talk to other professionals in the paranormal field. There are places you can talk about it, and ways to get help without feeling ostracised. There are those out there who can help

Comment below or find me on twitter @Vijayp1982.

Paranormal World & Supernatural Realm  

28 Mar 2013, 4:02 pm

What is it that draws our attention to paranormal programming? What is it that makes us thirst for the bumps in the night?

I have read some articles saying that they feel that paranormal reality television is on the decline, yet I would have to say that I think that the paranormal world is more open than ever. In this day and age where people are no longer forced to hide what is happening in their homes for fear of ridicule, the world of paranormal reality has more possibilities than ever before.  It is no longer about getting your piece of the pie before the next investigation team, as the ever growing world of the supernatural allows for the fact that the pie itself is in fact growing.

There is no such thing as less activity. The world is always filling up with more and more deceased. The population of earth supports this fact. We know people die every day, and we know, unfortunately, that people don’t always die in the most happy of circumstances.  Not that this is a good thing, but it is a factual thing. The supernatural world grows faster and faster with each passing day.

Not only are there more and more loose spirits in the world every single day, but things do go much deeper than that. As many already know, there are also many other types of supernatural beings out there that were never human at all. That is a whole other world that also is an area that has much to be researched.

We have the realm of the psychics, the exploration of cryptids, UFO’s etc. There are many avenues of supernatural and paranormal research, many genres of study.  Is it all just a fad? No it isn’t because a fad comes and goes, where as this type of subject will always exist, for where there is life, there must be an afterlife.

Do not fall for the trick that this area of study is on its way out, for one out of place voice, one bump in the dark empty room; one touch when you are all alone, and you will quickly see that it is very much here to stay.

The Realm of Shadow  

16 Jan 2013, 12:55 pm

Where do intelligent spirits dwell when they are not making themselves visible to us? What kind of place would it be? Though we can never truly know, we can assume that it isn’t a purgatory type of place as that is another dimension all together. Are they here around us all the time? Are they always able to see us? Are they never able to rest? Are they never able to have silence or peace? Could this very place be what turns a quiet spirit into an angry one?

Imagine a place where you are never able to tune everything else out, but always have to be present. Yet to even make a slight knocking noise for communication, your energy is spent because it takes everything you have got.

The shadow realm could very well be a place of a torturous limbo that would drive even the kindest soul mad. One could argue that it is a nicer place that could be even charming, however, if that were the case why would a spirit want to leave a happy place? Though only my opinion, those who remain and dwell in the living world when they have passed on do not want to remain in that place and wish to escape back to ours. Many may do so because they are scared to fully cross over for fear of what happens next, but the limbo they are in could be unbearable.

Residuals could also be there yet they would never know where they are. So again the intelligent spirit couldn’t interact even with the residuals. Just forced to exist alone and isolated with the only chance for contact coming through an attempt at forcing their energy into the lives of unsuspecting people who are sensitive to their existence in one way or another.

We will never truly know, but there is always the wonder. What is the realm of Shadows?

Let me know what you think this place could be. You can find me on Twitter @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

2013 – The end of the world never came  

16 Jan 2013, 12:28 pm

Hello all my friends and readers.

It has been a while. Since Halloween it has been quite busy and I haven’t been able to get much out to the viewers. However Hallelujah the world didn’t end on Dec 21, 2012. We are all here and it is a bright new year ahead of us all.

Let us all work to make every moment our best, every moment our finest, and let’s keep the world of the paranormal at the forefront of our thoughts. There is still so much to do, see, experience, and document.

The Mayan apocalyptic craze kicked up a lot of energy. The power of belief can do crazy things and when all that energy builds up to a boiling point but has no way to release, we can only imagine what the energy can do.


Halloween 2012  

31 Oct 2012, 9:35 am

As the day goes through and the tikes prepare,
They dress and prime to give us a scare,
Keep you eyes open, make sure their peeled,
For kids will be trick or treating when you control you steering wheel,
Lets help keep them safe , as they play and delight,
Lets help make them happy on Halloween night.


Shaw Cable Interview Halloween Special 2012  

27 Oct 2012, 4:46 pm


Unexpected Surprise  

18 Oct 2012, 10:07 am

          One might say that the best time to get paranormal activity is when you are not at all expecting it; It can be a pleasant surprise for the investigators on scene.  My friend Rob asked me to join him one evening as he was asked by a reporter at Shaw cable to get another investigator and help promote the local Calgary Ghost tours. If you are interested in it please contact Joanna (403) 472 1989 or by email at info@calgaryghosttours.com. Aside from talking about the ghost tours, the reporter also wanted us to describe what we do and why we do it. The reporter followed us to a location in which Rob and I had previously witnessed a full sized shadow figure standing over 6 feet tall. The reporter was asking his questions and we would answer as best as we could, all routine stuff really.  Rob was on camera explaining the area and showing the camera man a K2 meter and talking about it a little bit. Joanna and I were standing behind the camera man listening and watching as Rob did his interview.

            Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some movement that drew my attention away from what we were doing. It was dark out but there was a backdrop of light that was enough for me to see the details of the foliage. I could see the individual plants and trees enough to notice this out of place movement. I stared in the distance watching what I thought I saw. Rob at this point was explaining to the reporter about the shadow figure we saw around a year ago at this spot. I tapped Joanna and told her to look where I was looking. I could not interrupt Rob at this point but kept my vigil on this spot. I could see something in the short distance between the trees; it stood roughly between 4.5 to 5 feet in height. I saw it peeking out from behind a tree. It did so a few times and then I saw it move to another tree, whatever it was, it was watching us. As soon as Rob was done I yelled at him to throw me his K2 and quickly but cautiously moved over to the spot. There was no more figure as I got closer but when I turned the K2 on, it was spiking full.  Whatever was there left enough of an energy signature that the K2 was maxed out. When I was moving over to the spot I was explaining to Rob and the camera man what I saw.

            Seeing the spike on the K2 clenched it. The reporter was thrilled saying “that could not have been scripted any better.” Whatever was curious about us was no longer there and the area was open enough that had it been a person we all should have seen them leave the site. Whatever I saw was just gone when I approached. It could have possibly been the same thing we saw a long time ago, but could even be a different one. All I can say is that I saw another shadow figure in the same place around the same time of year, all while a Shaw cable reporter was filming an interview with us, and also while Rob was talking about that same entity we saw before. If intelligent it could have been curious about us, or even why we were talking about it. I suppose we will never conclusively know. I agree with the reporter that the situation could not have even been scripted any better.

If you have any questions or comments, please follow me on Twitter @Vijayp1982 or comment below.


The Call of Tarot  

15 Sep 2012, 1:24 am

            The oddest situation happened to me just a few days ago. Strange to think of such a thing as impactful as I had never had too much an interest in Tarot prior to this. I had been at home quite ill for a few days and was not out of the house at all. However, on this day while walking around a book store just to get some air, I had the strangest draw to the New Age section. I felt a pull to a specific set of Tarot cards. Just to reiterate and clarify, I had no interest in it before, but on this day I felt like I needed to get this specific set. It was a set that came with a book of instruction as well as back story. While reading through the book, one specific section caught my attention. It was saying that a common mistake made by people learning Tarot is that they just grab whatever deck and go, but that is a mistake because Tarot cards are a tool that use energy to give their readings and therefore your energies should be in tune with the deck. Perhaps this pull that I felt to the deck is the same time of synchronicity the author refers to.

This strange pull is not actually the odd part. Following my purchase of the deck, I pulled my wallet out of my jacket pocket as I entered my vehicle. This jacket I had just recently emptied out the pockets as I was putting it away for the winter. I also never keep change in my wallet, but as I drew it out, a toonie flew out. Not totally weird, but at the same time I took it as a lucky sign.  Just after I returned home, as my readers know I am on twitter, I checked my updates. I strangely enough had a new follower, a Tarot reader.  This made me start thinking now that it was a strange coincidence. I nonetheless dismissed it as nothing more than that. I sorted the new deck and found something odd, something I wondered if maybe it was a reading of its own. The deck had popped out of sort 2 cards; they were doubles which a Tarot deck does not have. I found 2 kings of Swords cards, but also found that upon those 2 cards popping out that the deck had the correct number of cards. It turns out that I was missing the knight of coins aka knight of discs card. So obviously I took it back to the store and got a new deck. Still feeling the same draw to the deck I got the replacement and it felt right to get the new deck, but could it be that the previous one was giving me a reading?

I have begun trying to learn and understand how Tarot works and trying to figure out what it could mean if anything, but one thing is for certain. Just enough happened with this new venture to peak my interest. Let’s see what this could mean. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but maybe it was a reading I was meant to find. After all, all things happen for a reason.

Let me know what you think about this. Find me on twitter @VijayP1982 or comment below.

Paranormal and the Multiverse  

10 Sep 2012, 10:44 pm
            Life as we know it is finite, it begins, it ends, and it cycles. We all go through our day to day lives in this universe that we have such a limited understanding of. The Multiverse theory completely blows a hole in the way we look at everything. In short, as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MultiverseThe multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James. The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes. The structure of the multiverse, the nature of each universe within it and the relationship between the various constituent universes, depend on the specific multiverse hypothesis considered. Multiple universes have been hypothesized in cosmology, physics, astronomy, religion, philosophy, transpersonal psychology and fiction, particularly in science fictionand fantasy. In these contexts, parallel universes are also called "alternative universes", "quantum universes", "interpenetrating dimensions", "parallel dimensions", "parallel worlds", "alternative realities", "alternative timelines", and "dimensional planes," among others.”

            Now when considering some of life’s mysteries, Stone Henge, Bermuda Triangle, Black Holes etc. What if these areas had tears in the veils that separate the parallels from one another. Look at repeating paranormal activity. Like a replaying video tape, it is an entity unaware of you as it lives through it own life. What about introducing the idea that maybe that is not a spirit at all, but in fact maybe it is a tear in the veil of our known universe where you are seeing the activity within another dimension. Through many conversations with Brian Wilkerson who you can follow on twitter @theonewithcip we determined many ideas worth considering about this subject. He unified the paranormal and the multiverse into the term Paraverse. I have to admit the subject of the multiverse is huge, and mixing the concept of M-Theory and Paranormal research is very open. Many concepts may quickly be brought to a dead end while many others open up a whole other dimension of thoughts, pun intended.

            Originally this blog was an essays worth of writing, but instead of following that route, let’s open the floor. Why don’t all of you tell me what you think about this subject; Follow me on twitter @Vijayp1982 and or comment below. Also if you are looking for strong glimpses of paranormal occurrences check out Brian Wilkerson's Batparanormal on YouTube.



Ghost Sickness  

23 Aug 2012, 4:00 pm

            An interesting idea popped into my head. This idea is a little more geared towards those who spend their time with paranormal investigation and research. Being a part of that world gives those involved a stronger connection to it more than those who keep away from it all together. By being more in tune with it, would it be safe to say that you can feel ill from being around it too much? I don’t mean like how a sensitive would feel the spirits feelings and emotions etc. I mean by you actually being around the spirit world so much, could you get sick?
            Think about the theory of ghosts having to draw energy to do major events. Though I believe that the stronger a spirit is aware of itself, the less it requires an external source for energy to manifest. I do not deny they must need some kind of sustenance, just like how we need food. So if you are constantly around the spirit world, you are around the spirits who are trying to draw that energy, and you are the most potent energy source they will have to draw from. If a spirit is depleting your energy, the energy you use for yourself, it should potentially have the ability to drain your source of healing. It would only make sense I suppose that it would deplete your immune system function.
            So what kind of risk could we then be at, upon each and every investigation where there is actual paranormal activity? This literally would mean that if true we are very much giving of ourselves to a point that could be a bit dangerous depending on how much we involve ourselves. Perhaps if you believe that this is true, it is a good notice to have caution when spending time with this world and always know yourself, know your own empowering beliefs, and always know how to engage your own defenses. When one is depleted, what better time could there be for a negative entity to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting person. Just like when a possession has occurred. It rarely starts as just a possession. The victim is first drained and depleted. They start by some event that causes them to become depressed, then a dark spirit uses that negative energy and starts to work on the victim causing them to become oppressed, and then when at the victim is at their weakest and they can fight no more, they become possessed.
            Take the time, before jumping into the spirit world feet first, to know who you are. Know yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Know how to protect yourself from being drained and becoming ill from a way of life many of us love. Ghost sickness I feel is very real and can be a dangerous threat if unmanaged.
            Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

Did you feel that?  

21 Aug 2012, 3:28 pm

Can you picture that moment where you are by yourself, doing something common. Maybe you are listening to your IPod, watching TV, reading a book, or any various tasks you may do on a regular basis. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but all of a sudden a wisp or cold breeze comes from nowhere.  Picture yourself looking around at first unsure, then walking over to check your vents to see if they are blowing cold air but finding them still. Wondering where that shift in the air came from. You are looking around but nothing that you can see has changed in the room you are in.
One scientific method that I think could relate to a paranormal circumstance as such is the theory of displacement. If you drop a rock in a glass of water, the water level rises because the rock takes up the space and displaces the water right. Well paranormal entities though invisible still have a substance that they are created from, though we may not fully understand what that is, it does make sense. How many reports have been mad where the involved person states that there was a shift in the air, something just felt different, and the room got colder. This could be related to the fact that the mass that takes up the space in the room displaces the air surrounding you, causing a breeze, and also drawing the warm air. Not saying that every time it happens there is a paranormal entity present, sometimes the air may just be shifting because someone on the other side of the house opens a door and shifts the air like a pressurized cabin having a window open. However in those cases where there is a potential supernatural happening, it makes so much sense.
This whole idea was honestly started because of my large Bouvier des Flanders dog. I was taking a shower, and I like the water quite hot. The bathroom obviously got steamed up so I always keep the door open. In the middle of my shower, surrounded by hot air, there was a shift in the air, I turned around and I saw my dog entering the room. It just clicked, that one mass taking up air space felt one way, and then when another mass entered the room, the air displaced. The warm air being so much thicker it was much more noticeable. It got me thinking that as a paranormal entity would have some kind of mass, it would explain that same shift in the air when they are attempting to manifest. The room shifts because another mass is entering the air space. Some may disagree, but I think that it makes perfect sense. I would love to hear other opinions.
Let me know what you think. Follow me on Twitter @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

The Followers  

20 Aug 2012, 2:30 pm

Historically, paranormal researchers have determined that spiritual energies have the ability to attach not only to people, but also to objects. My friend Brian who you can follow on Twitter @theonewithcp brought up a great subject. It is one of much debate. He referred to it as Stone-Tape theory. I had not heard that name before but the concept I am very familiar with.  The theory explanation that he and I discussed was a prison with a lot of emotional and traumatic energy build up will have that energy trapped within the building. Say that building gets torn down and now those stones and bricks get used to build say a home. All it would take is the right emotional response in the house to trigger that energy and next thing you know, you have paranormal activity in your home which never had it before. Far too many people think that for a house to be haunted it takes a direct death linked to the home or property, the ever so popular home built on a former cemetery repeatedly played a role in haunted house stories.
Aside from this belief causing a lot of concern and panic to those experiencing for the first time, it also makes it more difficult to determine how to end the activity.  What I mean by saying that, is that if you think your house is haunted because it is on cemetery land, the common resolution is to bless the land and home.  The activity doesn’t end and you don’t know why. That is likely because it isn’t the land or home that has the energy, but an object.  It could be a simple stone building block for your home; it could be a little trinket you picked up while on vacation.  As they say, the buyer must beware.
Some hauntings are more difficult to manage than others but before you can even make any headway in solving the problem; you have to know where the problem stems from. Sadly it may not be as simple as simply removing the object with the energy either. As many are already aware, energy transfers, therefore if it is in your house, it may have transferred to something else. You have to find the beginning of the problem and then start solving it step for step.
Bringing objects into the home that have spirit energies can have benevolent or malevolent activity that comes with it, people may have something that brings a sense of calm, or they may have something that causes harm. Without knowing the history of the trigger item that carried this energy, it will be more difficult to manage, but it is still manageable. Everything can be solved, there is always a solution, but always remember to be wary of what you bring home. Just because it came in attached to one thing doesn’t mean it will only be attached to that one thing. It may transfer repeatedly.  Without a good understanding, the challenges of dealing with the life beyond life can be great, but all it takes is a little acceptance and open-mindedness and those beyond can comfortably live alongside us.
Have any thoughts on this topic? Message me @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

Cemetery walk  

20 Jul 2012, 1:10 pm             The time was around 8pm on a Tuesday night when my camera man, Ian, and I went for an evening cemetery walk through.  The day light lasted much longer than anticipated but as the temperature cooled the mosquitos were becoming very insatiable. They somehow seemed to be fighting the effects of the “off woodsman” mosquito repellant. Tenacious little buggers, those blood suckers are.  The evening was strange, but not by way of major paranormal activity, but more so because of the lack of any feeling at all. The area is empty of EMF on the majority of all visits. I have never actually gotten a large amount of activity on my EMF detectors. I had no sense or feeling of anything paranormal throughout the entire walkthrough.  This is what is strange. I had no sense of anything at this point, which normally I would feel some sense of not being alone if there is something around. However during this walk through, I received numerous spikes on the MEL meter. Not flashes, but they actually held. If that wasn’t strange enough, the spikes would not just disappear but they would gradually taper down back to zero, but before long would spike up again.

My highest hit for the evening was a 4.2. Spikes above 1.5 on the MEL also showed up on the K2 meter. I did 2 EVP sessions throughout the walk, but received no responses at all. There was no other equipment that seemed to activate during the walkthrough which was roughly 2 hours. In addition to the high spikes that seemed stable, it appeared as though I could follow a path sometimes. It was almost like it was right in front of me and moving. Sometimes when it wasn’t in front of me leading, the energy signal was behind me and it would follow me. This happened throughout the entire duration of the 2 hours. Though I received no response on the digital recorder, I did get a number of K2 and MEL spikes relating to my questions. I would ask a question and it would spike up almost as though it was in response. This was of particular interest in the children’s area of the cemetery. I would ask questions about favorite toys and it was very obvious that it was an intelligent response, though it was nothing audible.
I found this interesting because I had no real explanation for either the EMF spikes or their stable activity through the night. I also cannot explain how I was getting direct responses with the MEL and K2 to questions I would ask. Perhaps whatever it was could not muster enough energy to give me an audible response. Perhaps it didn’t want to speak and was only with us that night because it was checking us out and trying to figure out why we were there, if there was in fact an it. I am not saying this for sure, but it was odd to say the least. Not a single picture, nor sound, no feeling of being followed, only Mel meter and K2 activity, but enough activity to be completely out of the ordinary for a place that normally is flat lined at 0 for EMF readings.
What do you think could have explained the odd readings? Tweet me at Vijayp1982 or comment below.

SB7 dangers: Is it the new age Ouija board?  

17 Jul 2012, 2:49 pm My friend Brian who you can follow on Twitter @theonewithcp brought up a very good topic in one of our many conversations. The stigma of the Ouija board and all of its dangers are well known through those who pay attention to it. Some are careless and put themselves at great risk by misusing or abusing the board with the thought of it being a joke. It is a very serious tool and even some of those who are more educated in spiritual matters choose to keep themselves distant from that type of spirit communication.

A tool known as the SB7 Ghost box, surely other models will follow, is gaining popularity among the world of paranormal investigation. I myself do have one as well. The question is does the ghost box carry the same dangers of the spirit board? It is a focus point that allows spirit entities to communicate with us, it does allow for contact with the other side, and it does convey our willingness to make contact with the other side as well. However, is it actually the same as using a planchette on a mystic alphabetical platform? I do not risk the use of the Ouija board as I feel that it carries an ability to open up a door that is much harder to close. The SB7 is a series of random radio frequencies that cycle through at a high rate allowing energies to form words. I do not believe that it opens a door way, just a communication.
My personal opinion is that a spirit board is more ritualistic in its methods of contact and therefore gives spirits more power to bring themselves to the living world. There is not such a ritual when using the ghost box; it is just like using a telephone. Hang up upon completion of the call. There may be some risk involved; however I believe that it is minimal. Part of this is because the use of radio frequency for contact could also be very distracting for an entity that needs to concentrate to communicate.  I think this allows for a stronger barrier between us and the other side. Do I think the dangers of the Ouija board can be the same for the SB7 Ghost box, I think not.  What do you believe?

Follow me on Twitter @Vijayp1982 or comment below and share your thoughts. Maybe you may change my mind, or maybe I can change yours.  

The light against the dark  

25 Jun 2012, 11:48 pm             Have you ever felt the fear of knowing that something from the other world, the world beyond life, knows your name? Maybe there is something that taunts you while you sleep? Perhaps it tugs on the blankets, shakes your bed, touches you etc. There are many such things in this world that may not necessarily be currently part of it. They are the ones that came before. The spirit entities may be good, they may be bad, they may even be both or neutral. One way or another they will let you know that they are still around. Shadow figures just out of the corner of your eye will have you second guessing your sight. There may be things that make noises and you can’t explain the sounds origin.  All of this leading to a dreadful feeling of not leaving the security of your bed, afraid that if you put your feet on the ground, a pair of other worldly hands will reach out and grab your ankles, dragging you off to a dark place of unknown horror. The kind spirits try to exist together with the living, some keep to themselves while others try to help. Be it from the dark entities that also exist, or dangers of regular life, they try to help.  Sadly not all spirits are good. Some are dark, some are mean, and some are not human. The light of hope to standing up against these dark entities is that they gain power from fear, but they grow weak against resolve. Bravery is the key to defending your home, your families, and most of all your own soul.

             Arm yourself with knowledge for it is the one true power that can work to keep us all safe. A healthy body is important as it gives you the vigour to stand tall, but it is not the most important thing. No amount of inches on your biceps can prepare you for a battle of the spirit. That kind of war takes place on another plane. This is a plane of impossibility, yet it exists. Our proof though sparse, is still proof none the less that our existence does go far beyond this life. To ensure that we all live a good after life, we must be strong and live well in this one. Honour and protect your loved ones, respect your friends and neighbours, most of all remember that what you put forth in the world is what will be returned to you at some point. Trivial things are not as trivial as you may currently believe. Every moment is fleeting as this life is not so long in the grand scheme of all things. Enjoy every moment, even as hard as it may seem, enjoy even the bad ones. These are all fleeting moments in time.  These simple things will give you a spiritual resolve unparalleled to the dark spirits who wish to corrupt us through depression, oppression, and their eventual attempts at possession.

Live as a good person, for if you do, the armour you will wear in the next life will be impenetrable. You will be 10 fold stronger than you realize and it all begins with a simple act of random kindness. These things are what generate the soul’s ability to grow and blossom. Honour, hope, respect, compassion, and most of all, love. Know these things and no evil force alive or other can break you. There may be battles of a material nature, they may be battles of a spiritual nature, but those simple suggestions can keep you strong for whatever comes your way. Live strong, and be eternal.

If you have any thoughts or experiences to share that you feel connect with this post, tweet me @vijayp1982 or comment below.

Ghost Classifications – The short version  

18 Jun 2012, 11:47 pm

The common public opinion is that the term ghost is a perfectly acceptable general term for all spirits.  However there is far more depth to this word. Based on cultural belief systems, there are thousands of different ways to refer to spirit entities. Isolating to North America there are hundreds of different types of spirit entities. Many of these types can still be quite similar to classify. Therefore, for simplicity we will categorize them in much more broad terms.

1.      Vapors and mists

2.      Orbs and lights

3.      Vortices

4.      Shadows figures and dark entities

5.      Apparitions and Disembodied voices

6.      Demons and Non Human

A vapor or mist looks like a floating cloud. It can be in any number of colors depending on the light in which it is captured. The clouds can be seen anywhere, but they appear to be found more commonly around sites of death. This is inclusive of but not limited to graveyards, places of battle, cites of catastrophe etc. One theory is that the mist is the soul of the dead in an initial form before it becomes something else.
Orbs are generally not captured by the human eye. Not to say they cannot be, but normally are not easily seen, whereas lights are seen quite easily. It is the source of their origins that is in question. They can be found pretty much anywhere in which a spirit is. Just as the previous vapors and mists, orbs and lights are another method of manifestation for a soul that has passed from this life.
Vortices are a strange phenomenon. They tend to be noticed by way of cold spots, but so far have ever only been reported in still pictures. They have thus been captured in older buildings and homes. Potentially these are recognized as a method of transporting spirit energy, and quite easily confused with a moving orb.
Shadow figures and dark entities can look like large dark masses or even as humanoid shape. You would see no clear definition to the spirit, only that of its outline.  They are also hard to get a clear view of, because they tend to be things you see just out of the corner of your eye, and they seem to move quickly. These entities are seen both indoors and outdoors. The spirit seems to have some tie to the living and so they are not always isolated to a location. There is no evidence to support that just because they are shadows that they are evil. They are often taken as evil, but nothing says that this is always the truth.
Apparitions and Disembodied voices are almost the holy grail of the ghost hunter. These spirits are generally as clear as a person in front of you to see and hear. You will clearly see the details of the entity including the period of their clothing, wounds, expressions etc.  They are located anywhere in which the spirit has a connection. The sightings of apparitions are quite rare as full manifestations are the most draining on the spirits energy. Last but not least are the Demons and non humans. These are the dark creatures that are more often than not equated with evil. Their most common purpose is to cause harm to humanity and they are not generally friendly. These creatures wish to destroy people and all that is around them with the ultimate purpose of claiming the soul.  Some cultures have Demons that are not evil, it is just their title as an entity or life form; however more commonly the Demon is associated with evil, as are non human (not speaking of animals, but anything that was not life as we know it).
This is a quick overview of classes of spirits. It is at a glance, but classification is far more detailed than this condensed format.  This information was sourced from many sights and studies, such as ghoststudy.com and many others. Also I would like to send another shout out to my friend Brian who you can follow on twitter @theonewithcp for the idea of this blog. If you have any questions or comments, tweet me @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

At one with the further  

15 Jun 2012, 12:05 am We all have within us such a strong ability to be in tune with the world beyond life as we know it. The realm of the undead, since human inception, has been a part of the living world. So many of us have lost the ability to sense what entities surround us, but just because we are not as sensitive now, does not mean we can not be again.. The inner power within us gives us a level of control over our senses. We can increase our ability to see the other side. It takes no mystic spells, it takes no conjuring or incantations, and it takes neither money nor bartering to once again use these abilities. It takes something that we all have readily available. It takes a commitment.

 Spend some time practicing on how to still your mind. Commit to silencing the physical world. Just close your eyes, and concentrate on the energy within yourself. Touch without touching, feel without feeling, smell without smelling, and look without looking. Use your own spirit beyond your physical self to once again awaken your connection with the world beyond. I have no doubts that if you can meditate and use your own power, you will regain that connection that is within you. The added benefits of meditation such as the clarity it brings to your thoughts and how the rhythmic breathing can control your stresses alone are worth the attempt. For a paranormal investigator though, such a practice can gain immense reward. It will give you that one more tool in your work to sense the entities that you are in search of.

This does not come without danger however. Meditation can open you up to the spiritual world, but not all on the other side are of a benevolent nature. Some spirits are out to harm the living. If you give them notice, they will notice you back. The door will swing both ways. This risk is hand in hand with spiritual clarity, but the power meditation can give you, can also train you to keep the dark spirits at bay.  Our own personal energy can defend us and give us a shield against the darkness that could find its way to us.  You must learn to focus your energies to create this shield aura around yourself. Even project it to others which with practice can be done to protect those around you. A strong aura can cover even those who do not have control of their own energy. It just takes practice.

No entity can harm or control you if you take the time to develop the necessary techniques when you engage in contact with the spirit realm. Just as a spirit can push and touch us, if we get strong enough with our own energy our own Ki, we can just the same push them back. I have heard from people that they fear ghosts and spectres because they can’t fight what they can’t touch. I firmly believe that you very much can touch them, and keep them away. Just focus your inner energy and imagine how it courses through you. If you feel threatened, picture your own energy surrounding your body as a shield. If, heaven forbid, a spirit was to hold you, you can focus that same energy. Picture it surrounding your hand, and then use that same hand and push the entity off. The power is within us all to do great things, do not waste it. Develop it, use it, and respect it.

Let me know what you think. Tweet me @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

Let’s talk zombie  

6 Jun 2012, 11:16 pm Shout out to my Buddy Brian Wilkerson for the idea to this post. Follow him on Twitter @Theonewithcp.

I don’t know about you folks but zomibification is not necessarily my cup of tea. It is fun when you see the Zombie walks and the folks who get really into the theme. However, there are those out there that are true believers of a hypothetical Zombie apocalypse. I do not want to give the impression that I am saying they are wrong. I do not personally know for sure if that is even possible. I am simply saying that at this point I don’t have enough information to justify a belief in such an event as zombies.

The recent news has displayed a deranged individual that murdered another person and the police actually caught him eating the face of the victim. It is gross yes, but not supernatural.  On the other hand there happened to be another article that I had read about another such deranged individual who was caught by the police and was actually ripping out and throwing his own innards at the police until dead. Now to reiterate, this person did die. At the same time he was able to actually fling some of his innards before dying.  This isn’t necessarily supernatural however it is very unnatural none the less.

So with the oddities that take place in this modern age, what do we all think of zombies? Monsters created from abominations from beyond life, or crazy folks high on drugs and displaying unnatural strength and behaviour. At this point in time I am going to have to say that I believe the latter. At the same time, I always like to have a sword or two handy just in case. Remember folks, a bullet hole won’t do too much against the undead, but decapitation is always a safe bet hahaha.

Keeping an open mind I am still thinking that the idea of zombies is a bit much, but strange things do occur, and some of these things are not necessarily explainable. This to me means that the possibility is out there that the dead may one day rise from the grave. I just don’t think that day is today. Yet as time goes forth if you pay attention to the world events, things are strange and getting even stranger. The world is changing and paranormal occurrences are apparently on the rise.

Some of this is very heavy in terms of thought, what do you think is going on? Do you think zombies are real? Do you think the world is heading in a supernatural direction?

Let me know what you think on twitter @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

Queens Park  

29 May 2012, 3:34 pm Communicating with the beyond has been a fascination for many and has existed for a long time. Arguably one might say since the inception of modern consciousness. Just recently I was out at Queens park cemetery with one of my team mates, Ian, well as Rob who is co-founder of west paranormal Research. We arrived around 7:30 to begin our investigation. The sun was high and the temperature was quite nice at the time. Of course nothing generally happens when the sun is that high but it gave us a chance to explore during the day light and get a good lay of the land. Rob has been there many times and gave myself and my team mate a history of the area. The equipment used was a Mel Meter, compass, 2 digital audio recorders, K II, still camera, and video camera. It was the digital recorders that are the stars of this outing.

Unfortunately after reviewing all of my pictures and video I found nothing out of the ordinary. I also listened to my audio recordings and also found nothing of interest. We did a series of three EVP sessions during which we had placed the Mel, the K II, and the EVP recorders down and fixed the video camera on them during the session. During the first session the temperature gauge had gone down very quickly. As the temperature was in fact getting colder there was not much we could read into this as it was nothing out of the ordinary. The Mel had a few small spikes in EMF reading but nothing considerable.
The second session, much like the first in set up, was also unremarkable. No reaction from the equipment nor did we catch anything on the EVP recorders. There was nothing too crazy going on at this stage. There were also still a few stragglers around the area who were walking through the park.  Don’t get me wrong, in that the whole thing was a bust. If nothing else, this cemetery was absolutely beautiful. The stone work on the graves was very impressive. You could not help but feel a sense of sorrow looking at them and the ages of some of those who have passed. It was the younger people who are now deceased that really caught my attention.

 It was when we were getting to the children’s area of the cemetery that we completed our last EVP session. Sadly yes there is a children’s area.  At this location Ian and I were standing in the middle of the grave sites on the playground and Rob was standing just outside of the play area on the grass. I had placed the K II on the ground and Ian filmed it with the video recorder.  I had one EVP recorder in my hand and Rob placed one on the lower part of the playground. I asked a series of questions to which I received no response. There were a few howls of coyotes in the background but we heard nothing out of the ordinary. I specifically asked if someone could, as loud as they could, say anything to let me know they were around. Still I heard nothing. After about 10 minutes of the session we shut it down as the temperature was getting quite cold. The next day I went through all of the stuff Ian and I had collected. Unfortunately I had found absolutely nothing with my collected material.
Later that evening I received a message from Rob which only said I am sending you an audio recording. I checked my email and opened the audio. His email said he caught something but wouldn’t tell me where, that way if I heard the same thing we could at least compare that. In the recording, right where I asked for someone to say something as loud as they could, you can clearly hear what sounds like two shouts. I could not make out what they said but they were distinctly two shouts from a person. It sounded human so there was no confusing it with an animal sound. It was our only capture that evening. It was not much but we still spoke of it to see if it was something to consider. Rob considered it to be someone in the distance from our location that he caught. I had to dismiss that because if it were in fact a person in the area my recorder should have also caught that sound as well as the video camera and we also would have heard it ourselves. Only his recorder recorded anything which tells me that whatever shouted out had done so directly into his recorder.  Ultimately we didn’t get much to work with from that investigation but that one EVP is still worth considering.

How does a spirit come to life?  

25 May 2012, 7:08 pm Energy can not be created or destroyed by ordinary means, it can only transform. We can thank Mr. Albert Einstein for this piece of scientific genius. This statement poses an interesting question regarding spirit anomalies.  A spirit entity is made up of Electro Magnetic Energy. So how did spirits come to be, if they can not be created or destroyed by ordinary means? In other words, how is a ghost created?
A human soul is the essence of who we are, so one can assume that if our soul is trapped after we pass on, that same essence can become spirit energy outside of the body. With no physical form it can move around without interaction of the surrounding environment. There may be the odd bang or creek, but relatively unaffecting.

A violent end can cause such a huge surge of energies that it gets imprinted on the surrounding area and replays as a residual haunt. With no consciousness to drive the cut scene from the spirits life, it is trapped in an unending loop. That consciousness of self can empower spirit energy. Consciousness can give the being focus and in so doing, give it physical capability. The entity can now interact with its environment as well as the people in the environment. This is a scarier notion because now you have a being that can touch you, but you can not touch it. It can see you but you can not always see it. A spirit can hide from all of the human’s basic senses. An exception to the previous rule would be our inner eye abilities; the senses beyond our 5 basics. Though we may not always be able to hear them, see them, touch them, smell them, or some how taste them, we still can some how “sense them.”

This is all great in theory, alas, it is just a theory. We as of yet, can not prove such things. There are an abundance of theories that can either support or oppose what I have just written. However, one thing seems thus far to be universal. It does appear that we all agree that a spirit is made up of Electro Magnetic Energy. It is just a matter of trying to determine how that energy gets personified.

Still, we have not even taken into account the other types of spirits that exist. This makes it even harder to determine how a ghost comes into being. I only spoke of residual and intelligent spirits. However, we then have things like poltergeists (which theoretically isn’t even a ghost), death omens, faeries, specters, masses, etc. Many different types exist, but do they all have a similar origin?

We may never truly know how this kind of creation even occurs. The genesis of life after life may always be a mystery, but what do you think? How do you think it plays out?

Let me know your thoughts. Follow me on twitter @Vijayp1982 or comment below.


Inglewood Investigation  

21 May 2012, 7:19 pm We started while the sun was up. It was around 7:45pm. The company was 2 investigators from West Paranormal Research and me. I had met one of the co-founders, Rob in October of 2011 where I had gone to an event held by Calgary Ghost Tours. He was there as a tech expert along with the group organizer Johanna. For anyone interested in Calgary Ghost Tours, I highly recommend them. They are very informative and Johanna is a great entertainer as well. Her level of knowledge regarding locations in Calgary is educational, along with her character makes for a great evening. That night in October was supposed to be just an information session about the locations. The groups are normally large, but on this night it was just Rob, Johanna, me, and my uncle Dennis. Dennis had come along with a bit of interest, but more to indulge my thirst for the study of all things paranormal.

What started off as a normal walk through quickly became more active. The first stop was a back alley behind an old communications group building. This building was empty and unused. There was still power in the building which was evident from the lights. There was a peep hole at the back door for occupants to look out of. That is how we could see the lights. I saw that something had block out the light for a split second. Then there was a tapping on the inside of the door that was very distinct. This was heard by the others with me. The quick back story to this building was that a homeless person was sleeping under the building in a crevice that had opened up. He got trapped inside during the winter apparently. They found his body at some point later one, allegedly he froze to death. The assumption is that the tapping was the man’s attempt at getting someone’s attention for help. What also should be mentioned is that prior to hearing these things, our tour guide did not alert us to anything yet, she let us find out first before telling us what had happened.

Nearby was a partially vacant lot that once housed a pie shop. The owner was a lady who had one practiced her religious beliefs on site.  To reiterate, we were not told of the story until after we had noticed anything. My first alert was that a number of times I could see a figure moving around from point to point. It was a shadow but clearly a human being. I noticed it a few times while there. I said nothing at first and just kept it to myself, it was the tour guide Johanna who noticed my inattention to the group as I was trying to figure out what I saw. She asked me what it was, so I explained. She then informed me of the history of the location and that the owner was a former voodoo practitioner who also did supernatural works within the building. The shadow figures have been reported there for a long time. I was lucky enough to have experienced it for myself. During the walk through in Inglewood, using a piece of equipment known as a K2 meter, which picks up Electro Magnetic Fields and displays it in a LED light system to show strength,  we noticed it was reacting to something in the area. This is later debunked when we return to the main story.

Along this same route there was a house turned into a clinic in an area which had reported sightings of a person who regularly would be seen standing on the top floor balcony. This person was always described as see through. There are also regular reports of poltergeist activity in this location. Through the windows of this clinic, which is always empty at night, there was clear visual evidence of movement in the building. We could all see the shadows moving inside, but no one was there. One of our group members even rapped on the door to see if someone would answer the door, but no one was there. Something was moving around and it was at least the height of a person. It or they were moving around on each level of the building.

There were a couple of places that we went to that were inactive, but the cream of the crop for experiences that night was right along the pathway. Rob and I had been walking ahead of the other 2. Something caught my eye, I looked up and moved closer to try and view it up close. I could see a big black mass that had a solid shape but looked like it was a black cloud. It was clearly there and I had started moving faster to get to it, Rob was right on my tail as he also had seen it. It stayed there for a few seconds while we moved towards it and I could see the movement within its shape. Then as we got within 10 meters of the mass, it vanished in front of us. This is the part of the story that brought us back to the spot.

At 7 45 pm I met with Rob and Trevor, the other half of West Paranormal. Rob and I had wanted to see if we could figure out what happened back in October. We walked the area in day light to get a lay of the land. This was along the path where we had gotten EMF readings that looked as though we were chasing something. We were able to debunk this because we noticed while the sun was up that the route we followed in October had power lines that followed the same route. It was nothing paranormal at all, just power lines. We could not see them in the dark. It was a moment we could laugh at, which we did. The real reason was to go back and determine what it was that caused the black mass. We tried putting a person in the area to view from a distance. We tried playing with flash lights to see if it was some kind of cast off of a shadow. Nothing could get the same effect. We analysed the way the light cast off the river to see if it could have somehow created the mass, but still nothing. Ultimately we could not recreate the black mass, or mist, that we witnessed that night. We were there for a while trying to get something, but nothing was working. We did not see it again, but we were happy at the fact that Rob and I did see the same thing, and couldn’t recreate how it got there. As we could not debunk it, we knew we saw something unexplainable.

As we were happy enough we decided to call it a night. Walking back down the path to return to our vehicles, I felt a tug on the strap of my camera bag. Hard enough to pull my shoulder down a bit, I turned back to Rob assuming he was trying to get my attention. Oddly enough he was not close enough to grab my shoulder strap. I looked at him and asked if he did that, of course he didn’t. I told him that my shoulder strap got tugged on and showed him how hard. With a smile, all he could say was “It looks like we at least got someone’s attention.”

With all that said, though we did not see the mass again, it is certain that whatever it was, did happen.

The Soul  

12 May 2012, 6:07 pm What is it that makes us who we are?  The very nature of our being summed up into one word. The soul as it is known in some beliefs is a good place to start.  The inner consciousness of our being that will transcend our bodies as we know them.  It is the very essence of who we are.

Every day of our lives we go about our routines that comprise how we live. A summary of how we live in a nutshell: we groom, we eat, we work, we consume, we fornicate, we procreate, and we sleep. 

The philosophers who try to find an explanation to our souls have many times through history, made mention of the fact that the soul is measured.  Our actions determine the weight our souls carry. In other words are we good, or are we bad?

Such little things have such a major impact on whether we are good or not. It isn’t as simple as just be nice and you will be a good person, it isn’t as easy as staying out of trouble.  The reason is because doing nothing is just as negative in some cases. For example consider an individual who sees another person in trouble but does not help them. This individual did nothing wrong but they did not do anything to help. That could be considered bad. On the other hand you could have a group of criminals that are trying to commit a robbery. One of the criminals may have remorse and so when he sees the police coming, he does not alert his accomplices and they get caught. That could be considered good.

The complexity of theories that could determine how our souls are weighted for judgement is so vast. We have no real way of knowing for sure how to ensure that we are doing the right thing. All we can do is be the best person we can be and hope for the best.

So if you believe in the soul, every move you make can have a very fruitful or very detrimental effect on how you are judged.  The pressure could be a lot if you worry about it too much.  Personally I like the idea of just being the best you can be. Just keep in mind that the road to hell was paved with good intentions. It is yet one more thing to confuse us all.

How do you think our actions affect us in the next life? How do you think our souls are judged?  Tweet me @Vijayp1982 or comment below.


Can Demons do some good?  

9 May 2012, 11:28 pm In some religious beliefs, the Demon was once an Angel in Heaven. These Angels sided with Lucifer and refused to bend the knee to humanity. Lucifer’s belief was that the Angels were above humans. He refused to be a servant and was cast to the pits of hell along with his followers.

Being that such an entity as the celestial Angel is a being of light, even though rebellion had Lucifer and his legions cast down, does this mean they still have the ability to reclaim this light?

Demons have lived through a millennium of perversions and distortions; but they were still beings of light at one point. The light is not just any light; it is a light of Heaven. If there was ever a power that could not be extinguished, a person of this faith would have to believe that the light of Heaven was incorruptible.

Looking to other cultures, there are many versions of the same being portrayed in numerous ways.  The Kappa of Japan, for example is a Demon. Japanese culture is of interest because warrior symbols portray such creatures as Demons of protection.  The Demons existence had a specific purpose. To the Japanese the Demon is not just to corrupt and cause harm to humanity, they serve to keep the Samurai safe during battle.

To the contrary, the Hindu faith has multiple deities. One of these deities is Kali, God of Death. Kali is depicted with multiple arms bearing swords. The face is animalistic with fanged teeth and wide eyes and the eyes have an apparently serpent like distinction.  Kali does not look like a protector or creator, but a Demon.  However, Kali is worshiped as a God.

Depending which culture you look at, you may see Demons with God like power, Gods with Demon like power, or you may find them totally distinct and separate.

With consideration to all beliefs, do you think a Demon is capable of being good? In addition, if you think a Demon is capable of being good, could a Demon earn its way back to Heaven?

Tweet me your thoughts @Vijayp1982 or comment below.

Spirit Attachment  

7 May 2012, 11:01 pm One risk of entering a location known for spirit activity is that a spirit can attach itself to a person. They do have the potential ability to follow you.  It is a risk involved with Ghost Investigators due to the amount of time they spend in active locations, but that could just as easily be a passing by couple who entered such a place.

It is a scary thought in many ways, to think that a paranormal being could just randomly select you and then come into your home.  However, let’s look at this from a more reasonable perspective than to just think that they do as they choose.

If you pay attention to all paranormal TV shows. The common element is that there is an interaction between the person and the entity.  First of all they must open a communication. If you never open a communication, you can not have an attachment. The entities only have the power you give them.  This also means that if they rely on you for that energy, you have full control. What this means is that if you do not want them around, you can tell them to leave.

 This is important because there is a popular misconception that they follow and do not leave without professionals coming in to get rid of them. This leaves a big opening for frauds.  The truth is every person has a personal level of control that they can make it possible to never have an attachment. Exercising this control can come in many forms. Some show it by way of faith in a religion, others in personal objects of security, and some have combinations of rituals that they perform. There are many ways to prevent it, but it all comes down to what empowers you to feel in control. 

My wife is a believer in the paranormal. She also has a very definite rule that I can do what ever investigations I want, but nothing paranormal is EVER permitted to enter our home. I very much agree with her that I don’t want my work following me home. This is no different than a person who works in an office. When the work day is over, they want to clock out and go home. They don’t want to have homework to do when they get to their house.  I have no issue ensuring that nothing will ever enter our home because I know that I will never accept or allow anything to do so. It is my belief in my own ability to control where the communication stops that gives me my control.

Always remember that the control is yours. If you do not want something clinging to you, make it clear.  Tell whatever it is that you are done with your communication and it is not welcome to follow you.  The power is always yours.

If you have any comments tweet me @Vijayp1982 or comment below.


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