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20 February 2018


Your Ghost Stories  

Don't Stay In The House Alone At Night  

I have seen and heard things in this house before but I've never been bothered by it because in my village I'm known as " brave" so I'm embarrassed to admit I am terrified of what's happening. I know everyone that has lived in this house has stories about what they've seen. My uncle said he would ...  

Two Dogs  

My name is Joshua and I am from south Yorkshire England. I am 23 years old and was around 20 years old at the time this sighting occurred. Having watched a lot of ghost stories and other chilling videos on YouTube and other channels due to having been bed ridden for the past 12 days due to a ...  

Hand Grabbing My Ankle In Shower  

So my family moved here to Utah about four years ago and ever since there have always been these presences. Some of them were kind and helpful. A couple of them I was able to talk to as well and they never did anything other than protecting the younger children in my household. However the other n...  

Is She Mad With Me?  

For those who have read my previous story of my brother John, you might be aware of the young "girl" attached to him. This happened a few months ago and I would like to share with you. John has still been going through a tough time but had said that he hadn't seen the girl for a while. So I sugg...  

In My Daughter's Room At Night  

I have written about my youngest daughter before. She is now four and is a pretty normal, healthy, happy child. Two nights in a row she had gotten up and gone into her big sister's room some time in the night. This, in itself, is something that is not too strange or uncommon for a child to do in m...  

Was It Magic?  

Actually, I did not personally witnessed the event, my mom and other relatives did. It happened I think in the middle to latter part of 2017. Last year, my tita found out that she was pregnant. When she told her daughters (she currently has 3 beautiful daughters - eldest is already working (23...  


This is my first time posting a story here and I just made an account here just to share this with you. This story happened to me almost 8 years ago June 4 2010 to be exact, its not that scary actually but it's unusual I just read a story here similar to mine so let's start! Last 2010 my mothe...  

Kaci Is Still Here  

It started with my friend's daughter. She got very sick on Christmas morning of 1998. One of her lungs had collapsed. They rushed her to a hospital in Lexington Ky. They found out she had a large tumor behind her heart. They diagnosed sarcoma bone cancer. This little girl was a twin, she was only 8 ...  

One Final Visit  

2018 has not been that great a year for us in Upstate New York so far. The big blizzards at the start of the year, and barely halfway through February and mom broke her arm and needs a joint replacement surgery. She's Orthodox Christian, and as dad says 'there is no ox so stubborn as an Orthodox.' I...  

Was It My Grandad?  

Last night I stayed in my living room with my niece, we both stayed on different sofas. The shape of my living room is an L so where the tv is there is another section of the room behind that you have full view of. I had a bad sleep to start with, waking up every few hours. But one time I woke up ...  


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