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16 August 2017


Your Ghost Stories  

Woman In The Window  

This happened a good month or so ago and hasn't happened again since but it's definitely something that keeps playing on my mind and I keep coming back to. I have no idea if it was paranormal or just someone being a creep but it felt... Wrong. So, I was sitting on the floor in front of the elect...  

Great Auntie June...soon, I Must Tell Them  

My Gramma was born youngest of 3 sisters in Maine 1914. She'd tell me stories of the 'influenza' and wagons of bodies taken away (she was very young like 4 or 5)...her mother, my great Gram Hattie, being very ill, running feverish out into the snow... An older sister being so ill that her hair fell ...  

First Time Seeing Shadows  

This is one of the earliest memories that I can recall, and some of the finer details escape me but I can still see the actual event and moment in my mind very clearly. This happened in the 1985 or 1986. Up until the time I was 8 years old my family lived in an apartment complex in Elizabeth, NJ...  

My Husband's Doppelganger Cont Part2  

I remember when I first started experiencing these strange phenomenons. He used to act sort of erratic, but I didn't think it was something to get alarmed about. There was this time I was at v's house sleeping. I could have sworn he came home and ask me did I want some McDonalds. I could have sworn ...  

My Husband's Doppleganger  

One day I was at home laying across the bed. I wasn't asleep, just relaxing, waiting on my husband V to come home, when something spoke to me not audibly but telepathically. It said my name T and said turn around. As I turned around this spirit appeared to me. It had on the very same clothes V was w...  

You Cheater!  

Another interesting story that I wanted to share, I was having an afternoon tea with a few of my friends. One of them, let us address her as B, is sensitive to spirits. She does not have knowledge on how to communicate with them and touch them but from stories by people around her, would say that sh...  

Girly Voices  

This is my first story and hope you guys find it real and interesting. My name is Satish. I previously lived in Palpa, Nepal (one of the haunted places). There I lived with my Grandmother, and uncles and aunts. They all used to scare me with their real ghost incounters. Therefore I always used...  

The Knocking Ghost Got In And My Sister Is Being Attacked!  

If you read my last story you'll know the ghost knocks and comes up to the door but had not gotten in. This is a couple of messages from my little sister (we'll call her C) who lives there with her husband (T) and their son (we moved to Colorado last week) C: Things are happening and I'm terrifi...  

I'm Sorry I Died  

Sherm784 submitted a story a couple of days ago that made me want to share my experience. Close friends and family, as well as those friends I have made on Facebook, know Paul Walker was my favorite actor and his death was devastating to me. It left a hole in me, as if I lost a very dear and clos...  

A Story About An Abandoned House  

This is my second ghost story and I experienced this 17 years ago, when I was only 8 years old. One day my mother wanted to by some stuff so she took me to the supermarket. We live in a road with couple of bare lands. I remember it was around 7.30 pm and I was holding my mother's hand and walkin...  


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