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21 October 2017


Your Ghost Stories  

Mistakes Were Made  

Recently I went to visit a friend (let's just call her Liz) in her new (ish) house. She'd told me stories about how she's always creeped out when she's home alone, how she's certain someone was watching her, occasionally she'd see the shadow of someone walking down her hallway, rattling of cupboards...  

Ghosts In The Siberian Forest  

It took several weeks to terminate our lease at the apartment complex. We only returned to the flat for brief visits to collect belongings. As neither of us had really provided any furniture, that wasn't a big deal. Clothing, electronics, some decorative "junk" we had collected together to enhance t...  

No One "lives" Next Door  

Life in Russia was a lot like life in the US. The similarities between the way people spoke, what they said, how they dressed, what they liked to do for fun, was pretty much spot on. There were some "odd" differences that took way more time to get used to than I was happy about. One time, I went to ...  

Can It Be An Incubus?  

Before I begin telling you my story, I want you to know that English is not my first language so there may be some errors and this is my own experience. I don't post this for attention or stuff like this, I post this for some help from people that went through similar things as me, that can give me ...  

Best Hug Ever  

I never had the chance to meet my grandfather on my father's side of the family. He died when my father was 12. However, he was somewhat of a legend in my family, especially to me. My advanced apologies for the upcoming lengthy background on my grandfather, but I feel it's important to share it ...  

Blinding Light In The Rain  

I live in a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood in the rainy state of Oregon. I've never really been a fan of ghost stories, but I feel that my experience is worth telling. It was a rainy night, around 8 PM and I could hear the rain furiously pounding on the roof of my house. It was a nice sound. ...  

The Knocks From Another Dimension  

This story begins with me and my old friend having a few beers in my mancave, being bored we decided that we should do something thrilling since this was the first time we were chilling out after he had moved out of our town. (I will not use his real name.) It was getting dark and we went to see...  

Scary Hummmm Noises  

I am very realistic, not superstitious, very logical person. Some spooky events happens in my life what I tell you. But I still wonder about them. In real life, thousands of people faced some kind of Supernatural spooky incidents in their life at least once. But most of them also never could underst...  

Golden Gate Bridge Ghost  

This encounter happened about 1982. That's quite a while ago, but it's stuck in my memory as one of the first encounters I've had with a spirit. Luckily, they seem to appear as normal people to me, so at the time I'm not especially frightened. The place was under the north pier of the Golden Gate Br...  

A Shared Experience  

This is one of the most weird and fascinating paranormal experience I ever had. I have a friend named C. Who used to visit haunted houses at night with some friends of hers. I visited her one day after a long time and she informed me of her latest adventures at haunted places. I was really thrille...  


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