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20 February 2018


Channeled sessions provided by Bonnie Vent, the Spirit Advocate  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 29 with The Connection  

Topics: Perception and balance with a little football example  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 28 with The Connection  

Topic: Resistance and the energy backlash  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 27 with The Connection  

Topics: Magnetism and deepening relationships and life experiences.  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 26 with The Connection  

Topics: Think before you type, consciousness reboot for the new year?  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 25 with The Connection  

Topics: What is ahead in 2018? Very good news for the spiritually oriented.  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 24 with The Connection  

Topics: Winter Solstice, Technology and the spiritual path, relationships and unpacking baggage.  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 23 with The Connection  

Topics: Trailblazing, Truth wave actualized, earth shaking path  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 22 with The Connection  

Topics: Purpose of Disease, NDE Experience, Sleep Patterns, Children and Ascension  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 21 with The Connection  

Topics: The Truth Wave and flow of energy  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - Session 20 with The Connection  

Topic: Using your own inner guidance system  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 19 with The Connection  

Topics: Spiritual wake up calls, out of phase, flow of energy, twin flames, and more...  

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Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling on Stirring the Cauldron with Marla Brooks VIDEO  

Disasters and world events, How to cope.  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 18 with The Connection  

Topics: Spiritual path rebuilding, ascension, nature, flow of energy  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 17 with The Connection  

Topics: Ascension, Natural and Man-Made disasters, archangels, labels, status of new age movement, emotional and physical changes  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling - DO THIS NOW! Session 16 The Connection  

Tired of the hate and violence? DO THIS NOW!  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 15 with The Connection  

Topics: Death and ability to hear, Past Lives, Zodiac and soul groups.  

Bonnie Vent LIVE Channeling Event - Relationship break ups and healing  

Topics: Relationships breaking up and having compassion, Healing - energetically, spiritually and physically, Working with kids with autism and more.  

Michael Jackson thoughts on the 8th Anniversary of his death  

The Connection and Michael Jackson ask if I would be willing to deliver a message for Michael. I always honor these requests. I have heard from many Michael Jackson fans that are still grieving his death and Michael does his best to bring comfort and also asks them to go deeper into his messages and share them with the world.  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 14 with Michael Jackson  

To become a subscriber of this work please go to: www.BonnieVent.com. Questions come from a secret Facebook group of paid subscribers only.  

Bonnie Vent LIVE channeling event - The issue with labels and manipulation  

The Connection discuss the use of labels in our society and how this is harmful and used to cause fear, hate and distrust.  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 13 with Michael Jackson  

To become a subscriber of this work please go to: www.BonnieVent.com. Questions come from a secret Facebook group of paid subscribers only.  

Creepy noises in the governors mansion are spooking Andrew Cuomo  

If the pressure of running New York State does not keep Gov. Andrew Cuomo up at night, things that go bump in the night do.  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 12 with Michael Jackson special message to fans  

Michael Jackson plea to the his fan base with the high level spiritual group The Connection.  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 11 with Michael Jackson 04/20/17  

Special cautionary message from Michael Jackson to artists and questions answered by The Connection  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 10 with Michael Jackson 03/05/17  

To become a subscriber of this work please go to: www.BonnieVent.com Questions come from a secret Facebook group of subscribers only.  

Ghost child in the window or something else? Wanna play?  

A client sent a video and some still shots to me. We have a mystery to solve that is truly childs play. Is there an apparition in the window or is it something else?  

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10 Things You Must Consider Before Seeing a Psychic Reader  

Recent article from Readers Digest featuring medium Bonnie Vent  

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No appointment necessary. Book from anywhere, at anytime, from any device, and get your answers directly from celebrity medium Bonnie Vent within 5 business days. Great for busy people or those who might be intimated by one on one readings.  

Paranormal phenomena exists in ANOTHER dimension that our consciousness connects with  

Queen Mary University of London professor of mathematics and astronomy Bernard Carr believes that there are unfathomable dimensions that are linked to our consciousness.  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 09 with Michael Jackson 01/05/17  

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Medium Bonnie Vent spiritual art, mandalas, and Choose Love jewelry  

Great inspiration and healing products are now available in the store.  

Bonnie Vent channeling, Session 08 with Michael Jackson 122116  

For those following along on all of my videos we picked up another anomaly in this session. I used Audicity version 2.1.2 to record the session so there is no camera equipment. It is not a defect of the editing software as the anomaly is in the original Audacity recording. Feedback and analysis is welcomed.  

Bonnie Vent LIVE Channeling Event 121016  

Bonnie Vent LIVE Channeling Event with The Connection. Filmed in Chula Vista, CA on 12/10/16. 2 audible anomalies detected and witnessed by 3 people in attendance.  

Do the spirits of our pets visit us?  

Note from Bonnie Vent: People often ask me about their pets who have crossed over. They want to know if their beloved pets are OK and will they see them again.  

Selling a Haunted House? Disclose With Care, or the Deal Could Die a Gory Death  

This is a very good article from Realtor.com that was also on Yahoo News. Several quotes from celebrity medium Bonnie Vent. You are probably aware that you have to disclose any known physical issues with your house when you are selling it  

How do you sell a haunted house? The answers might scare you. Quotes from Bonnie Vent  

As strange as it seems, Realtors encounter haunted house scenarios with some frequency.  

Bonnie Vent blog updates.  

Visit Bonnie Vents blog for some updates to her past television appearances  

BOO! Did you really see a ghost?  

Seeing a shadowy figure out of the corner of your eye or hearing footsteps in the attic may set your mind racing with thoughts about the paranormal. But, before you call the Ghostbusters, you might want to make an appointment with your doctor. The ghostly haunting you believe you saw may be something physiological and easily explained away.  

Weird NJ: Meet Emily, the Flanders Hotel ghost  

The landmark Flanders Hotel was built on the Ocean City boardwalk in 1923 and named after Flanders Fields in Belgium, where poppies grow over the rows of graves of American soldiers who died there during World War I.  

Dial a Ghost on Thomas Edisons Least Successful Invention: the Spirit Phone  

In the late 1920s, not long before his death, Thomas Edison reportedly gathered with other scientists in a secret laboratory to record the voices and presence of the dead.  

Charles Dickens Was A Real Life Ghost Buster And Member Of The Worlds Oldest Paranormal Research Group  

When you think of busting ghosts, you probably think of Bill Murray, Kate Mckinnon, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and sexist trolls on Twitter having a conniption. You probably do not think of Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, or the renowned English author Charles Dickens.  

NBC Buys Haunted House Drama From Paranormal Activity Writers and Bonnie Vents work on the original film.  

Many people know the original film Paranormal Activity was filmed right here in San Diego County. So what does a studio do for publicity for the film when your lead actors are left hanging in the film? You can not really have them out publicizing the film as their appearance in public is a giant spoiler alert. This is where I come in.  

Somewhere in Time with a twist. An after death chat with Thomas Edison about the psychophone device.VIDEO  

This interview resurfaced recently, please view the video. The psychophone device is from the 1920s. I did a lot of research on this device and was asked to do an interview. Since this interview was filmed we have discovered: the inventor, the company that manufactured the device, and its function.  

Hugh Grant Hires Ghostbuster To Remove Ghost From House  

According to an article by the New York Times, founder of San Diego Paranormal Research Project Bonnie Vent warns against these forms of ghostbusting, claiming them to be fraudulent in her e-book titled Is My House Haunted? A Practical Guide.  

Bonnie Vent channeling Session 07 Michael Jackson This is it message explained  

Michael Jackson comments on the 4 years he was referring to at the end of the This is It documentary and more.  

Michael Jackson after death communication This is It by Bonnie Vent validation  

In a channeled session on July 31, 2016. Michael Jackson explained about the message at the end of the This is It documentary. This video is a great example of what he planned to do in 2009. Of course this example is Korea but Michael was going to be in London. He claims these messages caused his voice to be silenced.  

Bonnie Vent channeling - Session 06 with Michael Jackson along with another amazing validation  

Please also check out the validation video posted in the YouTube comments.  

Dr. Steven Greer Announces The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO and Free Energy Secrecy  

Dr. Steven Greer, the father of the Global Disclosure Movement, is thrilled to announce the ultimate campaign that ends illegal UFO and Free Energy Technology secrecy once and for all and embraces the beginning of a new civilization on Earth.  

Bonnie Vent Books and DVDs.  

Bonnie Vent has books and DVDs on Amazon. The proceeds support her work.  

Update - Verified by a news announcement on May 05, 2016 -Bonnie Vent channeling Session 05 Michael Jackson on the death of Prince and the fatal price of celebrity  

Recorded 042716 with medium Bonnie Vent, Michael Jackson and The Connection  

Ian Sander, Executive Producer on Ghost Whisperer, Dies at 68  

Ian Sander, who with his wife Kim Moses executive produced the popular drama series Ghost Whisperer and Profiler, died Tuesday at home after suffering a heart attack. He was 68.  

10 Cops Share Their Scariest Paranormal Encounters  

Think about it, who would make a better witness than a cop? Police officers are trained observers, they venture into the unknown every day, so it is hardly surprising that some of the best paranormal experiences we have ever heard are from members of law enforcement.  

I believe in ghosts: Melissa McCarthy  

I think they do exist. I do not know in what form. But I think there are things out there. I think we have all felt a presence or an energy where for no reason something just feels different in a place we are familiar with.  

Paranormal beliefs can increase number of deja vu experiences  

This is one of the findings of a study by 3rd year undergraduate student Chloe Pickles and Dr Mark Moss, of Northumbria University.  

Iggy Azalea haunted by hotel ghost See video  

Iggy, 25, felt a paranormal presence throughout the night but did her best to ignore it.  

Devon 12 bed haunted house goes up for sale for same price as London flat  

Neighbours claim they hear strange noises coming from the property at night, and an elderly lady has been spotted sitting at the window and waving.  

Does this spooky image show a GHOST peering from a psychiatric hospital?  

WITH a shadowy figure lurking from a window, does this chilling image show a GHOSTLY face inside a derelict psychiatric hospital?  

Police Investigate Vandalism at Whaley House and Marston House Museums NEWS VIDEO  

A vandalism investigation is underway at the Whaley House, a museum in San Diegos historic Old Town district, after employees found broken windows Sunday morning. When employees arrived to open up the museum, they found cracked windows and a white powder spread across the front porch.  

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?  

Paranormal enthusiasts often report sighting spirits dressed in Victorian period clothing, flowing white dresses, or just jeans and tshirts. Why?  

Ruling in Coronado Mansion Wrongful Death Lawsuit  

A wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of a woman found bound, naked and hanging from the balcony of Coronados Spreckles Mansion will proceed to a jury trial  


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